ChicA bright red lip is one fashion statement that will never go out of style. So to get that perfect smudge proof red lips here are a few simple, easy to follow steps:

1) Start off by wiping the lips clean using a wet wipe.

2) Apply your favorite Zaron Lip Care balm generously, wait one minute and wipe again thoroughly (using a wet wipe). This will immediately get rid of all the dead skin on the lips to reveal smooth, supple lips.

3) Re-apply your Zaron Lip Care balm to prime the lips.

4) Using your Zaron Red Vine Lip Pencil, line the upper and lower lip line making sure not to apply on the skin. Now go ahead and fill in the entire lips with your Red Vines Lip Pencil. All Zaron Lip Pencils are creamy and highly pigmented so you get the perfect base for your lipstick.

5) Using a lip brush, apply your preferred red lipstick.

For a bright red lip, try Zaron’s Moisturizing lipstick in My Valentine. For deep red lips try Tonee Red Lipstick instead. If you prefer vampy red lips, switch the red vines lip pencil in step 4 above to Clay Pot Lip Pencil and apply Tonee Red lipstick.

If you are bold enough to rock an orange toned red lipstick, then you must try Zaron’s Moisturizing Lipstick in Fireworks or Blunt.

6) Having applied the first layer of lipstick, blot your lips on a piece of tissue paper and apply your lipstick again, directly from the tube this time.

7) Using a cotton bud, clean up around the area around the lips making sure that you have no leaks unto the skin.

To make the lips pop further, using a small concealer brush apply your foundation to the skin all around the lips.

There you have it, the perfect red lips to rock. Whether it’s an office party, dinner or that engagement party you have been planning for, wear it with confidence!

2 Responses to “THE PERFECT RED LIPS”
  1. Tejumade says:

    Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! I love it,good job.

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