BRIGHT, BOLD LIPS In times past, a bright, bold lip in makeup will mean beautiful red lips but in the past few years bright pinks, purples and even peach has overtaken the red lipstick. Bright colours such as barbie pink, bubblegum pink, burnt orange and purple are the rave with makeup brands dedicating an entire … Continue reading


A smooth, clean and properly moisturized face is the best base and canvass for beautiful makeup. Applying foundation or powder over dry, chapped skin does not leave a good finish. Foundation or powder will only emphasize the flakes by sitting on top of them instead of blending in with your skin. When we say chapped … Continue reading

How to define your eyebrows tutorial by Zaron

How to define your eyebrows with Zaron eyebrow shadow. Products Used: Zaron brush set, ZARON MATTIFYING Powder, Zaron Concealer

How to Apply False Lashes

How to Apply False Lashes What You Need False Lashes  Lash Adhesive Tweezers: Not necessary, but they make handling the lashes much easier. Scissors: Just in case they need to be trimmed. How to Apply Carefully remove the lashes from their container using your tweezers. Be aware they will be glued down so lift them … Continue reading