Many women avoid blush mainly because it tends to be overused but it can actually be your beauty secret weapon.  Blush adds natural colour to the face and can help define the face. Introducing:  The Zaron Hyper Blush Range. A collection of beautifully pigmented and intense blush colours that will add natural colour and brighten … Continue reading

EYEBROWS: The Professional Way to getting it right!

If you ask most women the most difficult part of their daily makeup routine, chances are 70% of the response you would get will be: “Eyebrows”. A lot of women feel only a professional can get it right but the truth is with a little bit of guidance and practice you, yes you can get … Continue reading


  Hey Ladies!  Do you want to model for a cosmetic brand? Here’s your chance… Your favourite cosmetic brand ,Zaron Cosmetics will be conducting a search for Zaron ‘Faces’ across the Nation. This competition is aimed at empowering and discovering young female models that will join other top models for Zaron’s next advertorial campaign. To … Continue reading

St. Valentine’s Day was indeed a day of love, emotions and fun for 10 Widows who made the selection to spend their day at Zaron head office where they were treated to a fantastic meal, makeovers, monetary and other gifts. To qualify, the Widows had to provide a basic business plan to the Cosmetic brand. … Continue reading


A bright red lip is one fashion statement that will never go out of style. So to get that perfect smudge proof red lips here are a few simple, easy to follow steps: 1) Start off by wiping the lips clean using a wet wipe. 2) Apply your favorite Zaron Lip Care balm generously, wait … Continue reading


Finally……. After months of testing and trials, the long awaited Zaron Face Primer is here!   Released on the 30th of October, 2013, The Zaron Face Primer comes in a sleek black pack that is synonymous with Zaron cosmetics and the actual primer is in a white 40ml tube with a pump. The Zaron Face … Continue reading


FACIAL SCULPTING (HIGHLIGHTING AND CONTOURING)   This has been made popular over the past 2 years by a few celebrities, but as a matter of fact, the technique has been in use for over a decade. The facial sculpting technique uses a darker shade to contour areas of the face that should naturally have a … Continue reading


BRIGHT, BOLD LIPS In times past, a bright, bold lip in makeup will mean beautiful red lips but in the past few years bright pinks, purples and even peach has overtaken the red lipstick. Bright colours such as barbie pink, bubblegum pink, burnt orange and purple are the rave with makeup brands dedicating an entire … Continue reading

The 2013 Final Casting of Nigeria’s Next Supermodel

Your darling brand Zaron Cosmetics,  partners with Isis Models, brings to you pictures from the final casting of Nigeria’s next supermodel. Selected models from the event will compete in this year’s edition of the highly rated model competition. The competition has been hailed as successful based on the on the success of previous competitors who … Continue reading

Introducing The Zaron Range Of Lipsticks.

Zaron Cosmetics presents to you our deluxe range of lipsticks. Rich in color and creamy in texture, our Moisturizing Lipsticks are the perfect way to finish up your look. Zaron Moisturizing Lipstick is your best choice whether you want a bright pop of color or vibrant nude lips. The Zaron range of lipsticks include 9 … Continue reading