Finally……. After months of testing and trials, the long awaited Zaron Face Primer is here!   Released on the 30th of October, 2013, The Zaron Face Primer comes in a sleek black pack that is synonymous with Zaron cosmetics and the actual primer is in a white 40ml tube with a pump. The Zaron Face … Continue reading

Introducing The Zaron Range Of Lipsticks.

Zaron Cosmetics presents to you our deluxe range of lipsticks. Rich in color and creamy in texture, our Moisturizing Lipsticks are the perfect way to finish up your look. Zaron Moisturizing Lipstick is your best choice whether you want a bright pop of color or vibrant nude lips. The Zaron range of lipsticks include 9 … Continue reading


Foundation is meant to even out the skin tone, create a perfect smooth complexion and cover slight discolorations and marks on the face. It also provides a blank canvass for more makeup; hence whatever formula of foundation you choose to buy must be the EXACT colour as your complexion and should blend evenly into your … Continue reading

Why You Should Use Zaron Cream to Powder Foundation

 The Zaron Cream to powder foundation is an oil free formula applied to the face to create an even and uniform skin tone and gives the appearance of a flawless skin. It is a concealing foundation that gives the perfect full coverage. It contains SPF 30 (sun protecting factor) which helps protect the skin from … Continue reading